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Tara Curran

Tara here! I am a holistic nutritionist, registered with the drugless practitioners of America and have been practicing since 2011. I found my way to study nutrition after living with anxiety, depression, acne, body dysmorphia, digestive issues, just to name a few. And my parents being diagnosed with MS and Parkinson's at very early ages. I was scared and confused and knew there had to be a way of preventing diseases, overcoming anxiety and living a full, healthy, vibrant life. I did not know what to do right away but I had a feeling that if I started somewhere I could create a healthy, balanced life. Thats when I started to change my own eating habits, practicing yoga, sought out acupuncture and cultivated a supportive group of friends and healers to help me on my journey. 

It is now my passion to help others find their way to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through sharing tips and tools that have worked for me and many clients, and creating customized plans that fit into individuals lifestyles.  I believe and know that everyone deserves to live a vibrant and healthy life and I would love to help you do just that!


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